Why consider sheet vinyl flooring?

The idea of sheet vinyl flooring often brings to mind the cheap floor coverings of yesteryear, but nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, there are a variety of options that allow you to personalize your floors better. But the construction of the materials are far different and provide benefits of its own.

Choosing perfect sheet vinyl flooring hinges significantly on your very specific requirements and preferences. If you require flooring in a residential area, your needs will be quite different than if you are flooring a commercial location. But both spaces are a good placement for this material.

Which sheet vinyl flooring is right for you?

For residential areas, the most important characteristic for many homeowners is going to be the appearance of the materials. The good news is this product offers some of the most beautiful visual options available. With no seams or visual breaks, the wood and stone look patterns provided in this product line are more natural. Commercial settings will require a far more durable material that can withstand excessive traffic and abuse without breaking down too soon. These floors are thicker, both in backing and core, as well as in a top wear layer, and offer more protection against the wear that comes from a commercial location. However, you do not have to worry about losing the option for stunning visuals, as these are plentiful at the same time. Be sure to ask about water-resistant options for your commercial spaces, especially if this is a large requirement for your flooring. Other benefits allow you to add personalization to reflect your company’s style, which can make your customers and employees feel more at home in these areas. And with increased satisfaction with the workplace comes increased productivity as well, so it’s worth making the additions for many reasons.

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A sheet vinyl flooring showroom is crucial

If you are looking for your sheet vinyl flooring showroom, we invite you to visit B&B Carpets and Flooring at our Cypress, CA showroom location. From there, we proudly serve the communities of Cypress, CA, Seal Beach, CA, Huntington Beach, CA, Lakewood, CA, Cerritos, CA, Garden Grove, CA, Stanton, CA, Los Alamitos, CA, Torrance, CA, && Long Beach, CA. Our associates are trained and knowledgeable, providing excellent assistance, no matter what your flooring you need or how large or small your project. When you’re ready to find the perfect sheet vinyl flooring for your residence or business, be sure to visit us at your convenience.