Carpet could be best for your Cypress area home

Many areas can make good use of carpet. It’s not only an attractive option but has a variety of durable features that can be beneficial even in high-traffic areas. The outstanding attributes of carpet don’t stop at appearance and performance, however. If you're not currently familiar with these options, be sure to read along for more great information. We'll find out how well these characteristics match your own needs and preferences.

Carpet and high traffic areas

You might be surprised to find that carpeting makes an excellent addition to your most visited spaces. For instance carpet tiles are a perfect fit, especially when durability and beauty are equally as important. One of the best things about the tile feature is that, if damaged, you need not replace flooring throughout the entire room, but only those that are damaged.

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Comparing carpet fibers


Polyester (PET) carpet fibers

Polyester offers exceptional softness and color clarity, and it is also naturally stain-and-fade-resistant. Thanks to technological advances in yarn processing and improved carpet construction techniques, polyester's purported weakness as a performance fiber has been largely overcome.
  • Inherently stain and fade resistant
  • Excellent color clarity and uniformity
  • Exceptional softness
  • Value

  • Not as resilient or durable as Nylon

Nylon carpet fibers

Nylon is the most versatile of all fibers, providing excellent durability and flexibility in creating a variety of distinct styles. Nylon is the most commonly used type of thread and can be found in a wide range of both cut pile and loop pile styles. It also has great color flexibility and uniformity, and many nylon yarn systems are exceptionally soft.
  • Most durable and resilient of all carpet fibers
  • Wide variety of construction and styling options
  • Receptive to dyeing for color versatility and uniformity
  • Innovative softness

  • Not inherently stain-resistant, but may have stain and soil resistance treatment applied
Luxury carpet in Cypress, CA from B&B Carpets and Flooring

Polypropylene (Olefin) fibers

Unlike other fiber types, polypropylene will not absorb water and must, therefore, be solution dyed (pigmented) to impart color. Solution dyeing is a process in which color is actually built into the fiber when it is formed, making the color an inherent part that cannot be removed from the thread. This means the color will not fade, even when exposed to intense sunlight.
  • Inherent stain and fade resistance
  • Performs well in appropriate constructions
  • Good value

  • Lack of resiliency
  • Limited styling flexibility

PTT (Triexta Polyester) fibers

PTT (Polytrimethtlene Terephthalate) is a polyester fiber. With excellent durability and built-in stain and soil resistance, Triexta fiber resists stains and wear without sacrificing the softness of your carpet installation.
  • Durable and resilient
  • Inherently resistant to permanent staining

  • Cannot be treated for repellency or dry soiling
  • More difficult to consistently process in plants (yarn difficulties, etc.)